The ADU, or Alien Defense Unit, is an organization specially created to address the threat of an extra-terrestrial attack. Its leader is Dr. Cyborg, and its members come from all different professions. The members are called Defenders, with their rank attached to the front.


In early 2011, Dr. Cyborg's technology company UlTech Industries was researching efficient communication. The lab researching laser comms accidentally intercepted a transmission from deep space, in an uncharted region. Luckily, a computer accidentally recorded it before it ended. This message hinted a threat of alien invasion existed, and the current militaries were not equipped to battle aliens. This gave Dr. Cyborg the idea of a force specially created to deal with the threat of or an actual extra-terrestrial invasion. He brought this idea before the leaders of many nations of the Lego planet, such as Barron, the US, China, Australia, Legoland, Lego Island, Oceania, Russia, Great Britain, and many others. They all agreed with him that it posed a great threat, and commissioned him to create the team to deal with it.


To prevent mass panic, the creation of the ADU was kept secret. The countries that provided some of the funding for the ADU provided recommendations from their assorted militaries. The recommendees were covertly contacted, and most of them agreed to join. The few who refused had to sign a contract promising never to tell what they heard. UlTech Industries provided vehicles, researchers, and funding to the team.


To be continued...