Name Hirion
Age 7500 Years old

Biologically 3500

Skills Taking over bodies, 'downloading memories', near eidetic memory, destroying minds of hosts
Profession/Caste Clinger
Vehicle Varies
Organization Aliens
Creator Canis

Hirion is an alien Clinger that worked for the conquerers. He was the only intelligent Clinger.


Hirion was born as an average Clinger, btu had a genetic defect that allowed him to absorb memories and keep them from his hosts. He latched onto a soldier, and took his memories. He then set his sights to criminal enterprises, and managed to form a large syndicate. He finally captured by authorities and thrown into a stasis tube for forty thousand years. He was brought to Earth as a failsafe, and was released when a small ADU raid shattered his stasis tube.


After being freed from his stasis, he managed to kill every member of the team that freed him, and then met with Hypaxxus-8.5, who allowed offered his freedom in exchange for working to defeat the ADU. Hirion accepted.

For his first mission, Hirion snuck into the ADU Headquarters and rescued Certorca from the jail. He got her out of the base, and then went back in to steal blueprints for TITAN armor. He did so, but the copy he stole was corrupted and has to be deleted.

He was captured after stealing the armor and tossed in jail. He managed to escape after faking choking upon a piece of food, which caused guards to rush in to 'save' him, one of which he took control of and rushed out, stealing an ADU vehicle, then proceeding to drive away from the base. He faked his death by jumping off his host, and crashing the stolen vehicle into a barricade.

After faking his death, he fled back to the mothership, and was presented with the Orion project. He then decided to use the armor against the humans, and went to a chockhold that had been built in the human city, which was the only pasage into the core of the place. While there, he fought Vigil, and subdued him with blasts from a stun gun.