Alien Android
Name Rookie Invader Qvynx
Age 4500
Skills Strength, Weapons, Planning, Hacking
Profession/Caste Alien Android
Organization Aliens
Creator Brikman McStudz

Qvynx is an Alien Trooper who became an Alien Android, who is in use by the Earth invasion forces.

Early LifeEdit

Qvynx was bred as a more-muscled variation of the standard Alien Trooper. He served in Hypaxxus-8's army, and was a veteran of many battles and wars. However, at one point previous to the Earth invasion, he was in a Dualsled accident, and had to be refitted as an Alien Android to survive.

To be continued...

Invasion of EarthEdit

To be continued...

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Qvynx prefers to use his brute strength to deal with situations, but has no probably using a variety of weapons to fight. Since becoming a cyborg, Qvynx has become extremely intelligent and cunning in nature and has become proficient in using and hacking technology of his own race and the Minifig race.