Name Vigil
Skills Firearms, Hacker, Medic
Organization Alien Defense Unit
Creator Death From Above

Codename Vigil is a Commando Agent of the ADU, and is a skilled Defender.


Operative Vigil is a special forces operator for the ADU, though he used to be part of the LegoLand Army. He held the rank of Captain in the LegoLand Army. He had left the Army about 1 years before the Alien invasion.

Codename Vigil is described by many as cold and calculating, he used to be a special force operator, but left one year before the invasion. When the alien invasion began he was recruited into the ADU. He is highly effective in his missions, but they usually involved the death of 50 or more percent of the squad that went with him. Vigil is now sent on missions which are considered suicidal to most, though he just considers it another day of work.

Alien InvasionEdit

Operative Vigil has taken part in multiple operations against alien forces.

The first major operation is a mission against a alien breeding pit, Vigil was part of the team deployed against the pit, along with fellow team members Dr.Cyborg, Blaze, Elizabeth and Samantha. During the missions alarms were sounded causing the entire mission to become a massive firefight. While the aliens have the numerical superiority, the ADU operatives had the advantage of new armours called the Titan armour.

Later on in the mission, the alien troops discovered the presence of the five operatives, causing the situation to become a firefight. Vigil then ordered a air strike on a large group of aliens that he had previously located and marked. During the air strike, two of the three fighter planes were shot down and taken out, one of the pilots survived, Captain Arthur Maxwell. Vigil then proceeded to attempt to rescue the pilot. Vigil also requested for a APC for the extraction, APC Callsign "Atlas" responded.

After that, ADU Agent Samantha was killed in action, Vigil then went to activate the self destruct of the suit that Agent Samantha wore to prevent the Alien forces getting their hands on it.